• The Fray

    KMIX 106.3 welcomes The Fray to this years AV Fair  doors open at 6:30 pm- The Denver based group formed in 2002 after high school.  They Acheived national success with their 2005 debut album featuring Over My Head, How To Save A Life and more. 

    Listen for details on how to win tickects and meet & greets.

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  • The Michael Jackson Experience

    Who's Bad, is proud to be know as the Ultimate Michael Jackon Experience.

    As the world's longest runnin tribut to the late Michael Jackson and the only one to preditate his passing, Who's Bad - has stood the test of time for the last 14 years.

    Listen for the Michael Medely during the Retro Ride Home to be caller 25 and win your tickets.

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