90s at Noon

The 90s at Noon with Caroline Taylor 

A great way to spend your lunch hour, with Caroline Taylor and the 90's @ Noon! Caroline has a full hour of nothing but the 90's the music, the stories behind the music. 90's TV, 90's Blockbusters, and of course 90's Fashion.

It's the 90s at Noon with Caroline Taylor each weekday at Noon. Something got you thinking about the 90s? Give Caroline Talyor a call at 661-266-9467 or Caroline@Kmix1063.com


Take a trip back in time to the 90s with Caroline Taylor!
A decade of Boy Bands, Grunge, Friends, Seinfeld, Scrunchies, AOL and of course the one hit wonders!  Great music, stories behind the music and more!!!


The 90s @ Noon: