Celebrity 411


 Dua Lipa tells The Wall Street Journal newspaper that she still feels anxious about her career

 "I always feel like I need to work hard. It's just something that's ingrained in me, I think. I don't know what it is, but I think at any point I feel like the rug could be pulled from under my feet if I don't want hard enough for it, but I think that's just my personality. My parents taught me the value of hard work, and I thank them every day for that."


Katy Perry tells GothamMag.com that she knows it's important to spend time with her family.

“Orlando and I just did a hike with our daughter. We went to look at some ducks and turtles because it’s so important for me to have those moments every single day, especially when I’m working from 2PM to 9PM.”

 5 Seconds Of Summer star Ashton Irwin tells Wonderland magazine that he misses the laid-back atmosphere of Australia.

 "I miss the pace of Australia; it is very laid back. It has got an island vibe even though it is huge. It is kind of slower and that is cool."